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The Art of Making Dreams Come True

Dreams are a powerful thing and I feel as if I thrive and grow, because of my dreams for the future.Of course I also believe that it’s very important to live in the present moment and don’t get too attached to the past or the future.

Since the future is undefined (it seems at least), it might not actually be real, so it’s not as important to make plans and set goals for the future. I think this doesn’t mean though that we can’t or shouldn’t dream about things coming true in the future. The funny thing is that as soon as those dreams do come true, they don’t seem as important any longer. But I think it’s still important to have those dreams, maybe just as guidelines or motivators in the present moment, so having them is actually more important than achieving them, if that makes sense. Kind of like the quote „The way is the journey“, but I think this is so true.

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